Reforming Queensland’s authorisation framework for the use of restrictive practices in NDIS and disability service settings

Consultation Closed

  • Ideas for reform

    This consultation asks for your feedback on how particular aspects of Queensland’s authorisation framework could be designed to ensure streamlined operation under the NDIS. The ideas for reform included in this consultation are ideas only at this stage, and your input will help shape the future design of Queensland’s authorisation framework.

    Ideas for reform are listed below. By clicking on the button for any of the ideas, you will find information about that idea and questions seeking your feedback.

    Expanding the scope of Queensland’s authorisation framework to apply to all NDIS participantsAlign Queensland’s definitions with those in the NDIS RulesProhibit certain forms of restrictive practicesMore streamlined authorisation process for restrictive practicesQCAT's role in the authorisation frameworkFacilitate greater active participation of people with disabilitySenior Practitioner must publish data on the performance of their functionsLocking gates, doors and windows in response to a skills deficitQueensland Government’s role in preparing positive behaviour support plansTechnical changes