A new veterans portal

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in this consultation. We have had some outstanding ideas sent through and great feedback. We have also had some of you share some stories that demonstrate to us that a portal such as the new Queensland Veteran’s Portal is a much needed tool.

We are currently working through all of your input and looking at  how we may implement your ideas and feedback. This will take some time and we expect to see changes and improvements implemented over time.  So please check back in on the development of the portal and share ideas and / or feedback as we progress.

Please also share the search tool with any services and organisations you know of that may want to list their service. It is free to list a service on the directory and those listed will show up across a range of data bases so it is a great way for services to reach people and it helps us to ensure we are giving you a wide range of options. Services can list their details by clicking on the button below. 



Overview of the feedback received:

  • Over 250 responses to our quick polls – results are shown below.
  • Over 100 survey s were completed
  • Feedback from nine people below, and a few more that were sent directly to us via email.
  • Held nine public forums, attended by 124 people across Queensland
  • Received a wide range of feedback via our website and social media platforms.


Quick poll  - Do you think the veterans portal is a useful tool? 

Do you think the veterans portal is a useful tool?

A new Queensland veterans' portal

Try out the new veterans' portal, give us your feedback and share your ideas. Help us to improve.

The Queensland Government is committed to supporting ex-ADF members and their families to find and access support and services. We have developed an online portal to help veterans navigate services available in Queensland. We are currently testing this portal and we are seeking your feedback and ideas.

Our aim is to provide a single, easy to use portal for current and ex-ADF members and their families in Queensland to search for and easily find, the supports, services and information they need. We have developed and are currently trialling this portal and we are seeking your views and ideas on how it could be enhanced.

To trial the portal, just type in what you are looking for and where. For example; Counselling Townsville, ADF housing Cairns, or ADF health services.

If you are a current or ex-ADF member, a family member of current or ex-ADF member, or someone who works with or cares for a current or ex-ADF member, then we want to hear from you.

All you have to do is give the online information portal a go, and then let us know what you think.

Share your ideas about how we can enhance and improve this portal to better meet the needs of ADF members and their families

Let’s work together to make sure we are providing a service that works for our ADF members and their families.

Share your feedback and ideas

Once you have tried it, tell us what you think and how we can enhance the trial portal.

Do you have other ideas about how we can assist ADF members and their families to navigate the support service system in Queensland?