About the Program

The Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (QIYLP) is a top-tier leadership initiative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young adults aged 18-25 in Queensland. It's renowned for its impact and prestige nationwide. Open to applicants from all corners of the state, it has run successfully for 20 years, empowering over 720 young Queenslander's. The program, held in Meeanjin (Brisbane) from November 23 to 29, 2024, covers all expenses, including travel, meals, and accommodation.

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What to expect at QIYLP:

  • Leadership and self-development training, enabling participants to lead and execute community projects addressing local issues.
  • Intensive workshops led by Indigenous leaders and experts.
  • Guidance on crafting community project proposals.
  • Access to career development resources, including job links, employer connections, and ongoing mentoring.
  • Participation in the Eric Deeral Indigenous Youth Parliament, offering insights into parliamentary processes and a mock debate experience in the Chambers, facilitated by Queensland Parliamentary Services.