Developing a new Seniors Strategy for Queensland

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  • Are you getting all the rebates and concessions you are entitled to?

    We are helping older Queenslanders with cost of living pressures through the Queensland Government cards and concessions programs.

    Almost 90 per cent of Queensland seniors aged 60 and over now hold a Seniors Card, Seniors Card +go or Seniors Business Discount Card.

    But it’s always worth checking if you are accessing all the savings you are entitled to.

    In addition to business discounts, holders of the Seniors Card and Seniors Card +go can access Queensland Government concessions for electricity, reticulated natural gas, public transport, long distance rail, vehicle and boat registrations, spectacles, dental, medical aids, life support, fishing permits and entry fees to Queensland Government museums and art galleries.

    Other concessions, such as the South East Queensland Pensioner Water Subsidy Scheme and Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme are only available to pensioners.

    You can search concessions and find out more at

    The Queensland Government also suports the Senior Shopper service. Senior Shopper is a free phone-shopping service that helps Seniors Card, Seniors Card +go and Seniors Business Discount Card holders get the best price on a range of goods and services.

    Visit Senior Shopper to get discounts on electrical goods, travel, motor vehicles, computers, mowers, power tools, furniture, white goods, fishing tackle, pools, cameras and more.