Developing a new Seniors Strategy for Queensland

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  • B.OLD short films

    The B.OLD short films are 10 documentaries that present the stories of real Queensland seniors living their lives to the full. The films celebrate the active and vibrant roles seniors play in our lives, workplaces and communities.

    The films are sure to spark lively conversations about how communities can support and value the contribution of older Queenslanders. You can watch a selection below or watch or download all the films.

    Ellie Neilson

    Internationally recognised print artist Ellie Neilson won a Moreton Bay Regional Council Australia Day Arts and Culture Award in 2020. Her prints have been exhibited in collections in Italy, Poland, Denmark, Brisbane State Library and the National Gallery of Australia. Ellie does community outreach and mentoring, teaching art. Her story challenges assumptions that people become less talented, active and involved in community as they age.

    Scout Leader Jeff ‘Chil’ Carrier

    Jeff ‘Chil’ Carrier is a scout leader nominated as an important role model and mentor to youngsters in his local troupe. The film celebrates the strength of intergenerational connection.

    Claire Keane

    Claire Keane is a member of a long-distance swim club for seniors. The film captures her 20km swim around Great Keppel Island in August 2020. The story demonstrates what people are capable of as they get older.